Parking…The Harbor Shopping Center parking lot is for the visitors and patrons of the shopping center ONLY!  If you are visiting The Hilton Hotel, Concerts on the Lake, attending any event at the public park where the docks or Amphitheater are located, touring with Sail with Scott, or any other business not listed on the tenant directory; PARKING IS NOT PERMITTED.  Please park your vehicle at the parking lot across the street located on corner of Summer Lee Drive and Lake Front Trail.  This parking lot is owned and controlled by the City of Rockwall.

If you’ve Lost an Item…please use the contact Page to send us an email! We will keep an eye out for your stuff and let you know if its recovered! If you have lost something by the water area, then please contact the City of Rockwall at 972-771-7700 as that area is operated by the Parks & Recreation Dept.

Want to Get Married at The Harbor?…Stop into Providence Place Wedding Center at The Harbor and they can help you decide which venue location is best for you! Their number is 469-726-4357 and they are located on the main walk way at The Harbor! Outdoor weddings questions can be directed to the City of Rockwall at 972-771-7700.

Love the Fountains?…So do we! But, due to recent water shortages and droughts, we have to conserve our natural resources so we may not have them on all of the time! We will update this message as we know more as to when we know more! If you would like more information please call the City of Rockwall at 972-771-7700